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The most comprehensive discord backup and archival bot.

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  • Backup Your Server

    Backups save a snapshot of your current server including channels, roles, member information, emojis and more. This can be done using the command

    Load A Backup

    Loading a backup is as simple as attaching your .clone file along with the message clone.load, the bot will restore all content contained in the save file

    Load Messages

    Loading messages is as simple as attaching your .messages.clone file along with the message clone.loadmessages, the bot will restore all messages contained in the file using webhooks. This will include profile pictures and names of the users

    Export Messages with Cloner

    Entire server

    When saving a server, you can use the [count] command, this will give you a .messages.clone file containing the last x messages per channel in the server.

    Single Channel

    If you run the clone.savemessages [count] command, you will receive a .messages.clone file with the last x messages from the channel you ran the command.

    Save Servers you don't own

    ServerSaverSelf is a self-hostable version of Cloners save generation system. It allows for you to generate saves for servers which Cloner cannot reach. You can also use this to save messages for the entire server or messages for an entire channel. This has been stress tested and can save hundreds of thousands of messages without fail.

    What cannot be copied to a new server

  • Invites
  • Webhooks
  • Audit Logs
  • Third party integrations
  • Members - we do retain a list of members if possible but we cannot automatically add them to a new server

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