🔥 About Me.

I'm Passive, an Australian software developer who works primarily on discord bots and similar solutions.

⚙️ Current Projects.

ELO is a PUG (pick up game) bot. It allows you to host competitions with ranks and leaderboards for any team v team game. Supports CS:GO, Rainbow 6 Siege, BlackSquad, PlanetSide2, Valorant, League & many more games!

A Discord server backup bot, generates a compact file that represents your server including members, channels, messages and more. Allows loading of this file to generate a new server with the same structure as the backup.

A translation bot with moderation features. Includes language translation via the Yandex API. Utilizes regex parsing to ensure markdown persists through translations. Has additional moderation features to avoid spam and other unwanted content in your discord server.

SkillBot - Coming soon

An implementation of the TrueSkill rating system with support for ranking and leaderboards.