🔥 About Me.

I'm Passive, an Australian computer science student.
This site is used to list some of the projects I've worked on and let others know more about myself.

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💾 Technologies.

A collection of programming technologies that I have worked with.

🧠 Languages and Projects.


I have worked with C# for over 4 years and have amassed extensive experience with Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP), delegates/anonymous functions, web-requests and HttpClient requests, Entity Framework, Abstraction, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Dependency injection and Events. Additionally I have experimented with ASP.net and server-side Blazor web technologies.
  • Causym 240,000+ Users 2,000+ Servers

    Successor to RavenBOT, includes language translation via the Yandex API. Utilizes regex parsing to ensure markdown persists through translations, requires use of semaphores to ensure efficient requests are made to fetch data in a smart and safe manner.
  • ELO 750,000+ Users 4,500+ Servers

    A PUG (pick up game) bot, allowing teams of players to verse against each-other and receive roles and ranks according to their performance. Uses dependency injection, abstraction, polymorphism, ef core, Task-Based Asynchronous Patterns, interfaces & many other technologies to provide 24/7 Fast response times to users.
  • Cloner 600,000+ Users 4,500+ Servers

    A Discord server backup bot, allows saving and loading of a gzip compressed json file in order to create a physical copy of a discord server. Demonstrates use of HttpClient, web-requests, json serialization, gzip compression algorithms, generically typed methods & more.
  • RavenBOT

    A broad bot, successor to Lithium and PassiveBOT with support for birthday announcements, automated server moderation, automated messages, reminders, captcha verification for members when they join, dialogflow ai conversation handling, Yandex language Translation, custom event logging for server updates, greetings for user joins and leaves, games such as connect4 and slots, levels for chat activity with built in spam filtering, reddit post aggregation and lookup, ticket management with user whitelisting and vote tracking, moderation such as banning and muting users, server statistics tracking, tags for common messages, music support and weather lookup.
  • Lithium

    An automated moderation bot, uses Perspective AI API to detect profanity and toxicity in messages, requires captcha verification for users, detects spam messages, allows for server-wide user muting, ticketing for server support, detection of mass mentions & more
  • PassiveBOT

    Tags, Auto-messaging, Levels, Games, Welcome/Leave Messages, Gambling, Reddit Lookup, Server Statistics & More
  • Discord.Addons.PassiveInteractive

    Fork of Discord.Addons.Interactive, allows for custom callbacks via message reactions, full embed support for pagination and shard support. Utilizes delegates and anonymous functions to provide an interactive experience for discord users.
  • RavenBOT-Libraries

    NoSQL database backends, dynamic single-file config management, module loading via reflection, reactive messages (fork of Discord.Addons.PassiveInteractive) including custom callbacks and preconditions as well as native pagination management, shard handling, serializable Discord.NET classes, event logging bases, generic Discord.NET class extensions, emoji type-reading, help paginator generation & more
  • Project Passive

    Memory editor, IDPS/PSID Console ID automated validator using ghosted controller input to mimic user input, COD4 RTM, COD Modern Warfare 2 RTM, COD Modern Warfare 3 RTM, COD World At War RTM, COD Black Ops RTM, COD Black Ops 2 RTM with SPRX injector, GSC injector, string editor and more. Uses WinForms for UI.
  • BO2 Profile Saver

    Saves the 'unlock all' bytes of a bo2 profile to a file and allows loading of the bytes into your game. This utilizes json serialization in order to store a parsable file for later use. Uses WinForms for UI.


Worked on programming bots for Old School Runescape, studied at University of Newcastle, NSW
  • Passive Herblore

    An automated herblore training bot for Old School RuneScape using the RuneMate client. Uses tree logic for determining player states and upcoming tasks as well as automates GE sales to increase return on player investment whilst maximizing efficient play styles.
  • Passive Tutorial

    An automated tutorial island bot for Old School RuneScape using the RuneMate client. Utilizes tree logic to determine tutorial island progress, ensuring actions are completed in the correct order by parsing player dialogues and predicting inputs.


Studied Data Structures at University of Newcastle, NSW. Worked with PS3
Signed PPU Relocatable Executable SPRX is a binary file format that contains executable machine code intended for jailbroken PS3 consoles
Mod Menus
  • PassiveSPRX

    An SPRX mod menu that uses memory editing and various c++ functions in order to draw a canvas, options, parse player data and other things. It utilizes trigonometric functions in order to set the current player's view angles in order to gain advantages during gameplay with exploits such as Aimbot and Spinbot.


Studied at University of Newcastle, NSW. Worked with JES jython IDE


Studied at University of Newcastle, NSW. Worked with SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, data manipulation through C# with EFCore, use with MS SQL Server Manager, SQLite DB Browser, PGAdmin4.


Worked with RavenDB and LiteDB (Interacted with using LiteDB Browser, RavenDB Studio and C# libraries RavenDB.Client and LiteDB)

📚 Education.

Courses I have completed related to the programming languages I use